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caffe2::Caffe2Annotation Class Reference
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Public Types

enum  ParallelizationScheme {
  none, split_by_batch, split_by_length, shard,
- Public Types inherited from nom::repr::Annotation
enum  AnnotationKind { Generic, Caffe2 }

Public Member Functions

 Caffe2Annotation (std::string device)
void setOperatorDef (const caffe2::OperatorDef &opDef)
bool hasOperatorDef () const
const caffe2::OperatorDef & getOperatorDef () const
caffe2::OperatorDef * getMutableOperatorDef ()
void setDeviceOption (const caffe2::DeviceOption &opDef)
bool hasDeviceOption () const
const caffe2::DeviceOption & getDeviceOption () const
caffe2::DeviceOption * getMutableDeviceOption ()
void setDevice (std::string device)
const std::string getDevice () const
void setDeviceType (int device)
int getDeviceType () const
void setParallelization (ParallelizationScheme, int num=-1)
ParallelizationScheme getParallelizationScheme () const
int getParallelization () const
void setKeyNode (nom::repr::NNGraph::NodeRef)
const nom::repr::NNGraph::NodeRefgetKeyNode () const
void setLengthNode (nom::repr::NNGraph::NodeRef)
const nom::repr::NNGraph::NodeRefgetLengthNode () const
void setComponentLevels (std::vector< std::string > components)
std::vector< std::string > getComponentLevels () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from nom::repr::Annotation
 Annotation (AnnotationKind kind)
AnnotationKind getKind () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool classof (const Annotation *A)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 10 of file annotations.h.

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