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Public Member Functions
caffe2::CpuId Class Reference

Identification of an Intel CPU. More...

#include <cpuid.h>

Public Member Functions

 C (sse3, 0) C(pclmuldq
 C (dtes64, 2) C(monitor
 C (dscpl, 4) C(vmx
 C (smx, 6) C(eist
 C (tm2, 8) C(ssse3
 C (cnxtid, 10) C(fma
 C (cx16, 13) C(xtpr
 C (pdcm, 15) C(pcid
 C (dca, 18) C(sse41
 C (sse42, 20) C(x2apic
 C (movbe, 22) C(popcnt
 C (tscdeadline, 24) C(aes
 C (xsave, 26) C(osxsave
 C (avx, 28) C(f16c
 C (rdrand, 30) D(fpu
 D (vme, 1) D(de
 D (pse, 3) D(tsc
 D (msr, 5) D(pae
 D (mce, 7) D(cx8
 D (apic, 9) D(sep
 D (mtrr, 12) D(pge
 D (mca, 14) D(cmov
 D (pat, 16) D(pse36
 D (psn, 18) D(clfsh
 D (ds, 21) D(acpi
 D (mmx, 23) D(fxsr
 D (sse, 25) D(sse2
 D (ss, 27) D(htt
 D (tm, 29) D(pbe
 B (bmi1, 3) B(hle
 B (avx2, 5) B(smep
 B (bmi2, 8) B(erms
 B (invpcid, 10) B(rtm
 B (mpx, 14) B(avx512f
 B (avx512dq, 17) B(rdseed
 B (adx, 19) B(smap
 B (avx512ifma, 21) B(pcommit
 B (clflushopt, 23) B(clwb
 B (avx512pf, 26) B(avx512er
 B (avx512cd, 28) B(sha
 B (avx512bw, 30) B(avx512vl
 E (prefetchwt1, 0) E(avx512vbmi

Detailed Description

Identification of an Intel CPU.

Supports CPUID feature flags (EAX=1) and extended features (EAX=7, ECX=0). Values from

Definition at line 27 of file cpuid.h.

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