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caffe2::Event Class Reference

Public Member Functions

 Event (const DeviceOption &option)
void Record (int recorder_type, const void *context, const char *err_msg=nullptr)
void Wait (int waiter_type, void *context) const
void Finish () const
EventStatus Query () const
const std::string & ErrorMessage () const
void Reset ()
const DeviceOption & GetDeviceOption () const
bool IsScheduled () const
bool IsFinished () const
void SetFinished (const char *err_msg=nullptr)
bool CanSchedule (const Event &child_event, bool supports_async) const
int GetType () const

Static Public Member Functions

static bool CanSchedule (int parent_type, EventStatus parent_status, int child_type, bool child_supports_async)

Data Fields

std::shared_ptr< void > event_


template<int d>
struct EventCreateFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventRecordFunctionRegisterer
template<int w, int d>
struct EventWaitFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventFinishFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventQueryFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventErrorMessageFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventSetFinishedFunctionRegisterer
template<int d>
struct EventResetFunctionRegisterer

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file event.h.

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