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Public Member Functions
caffe2::FixedDivisor< std::int32_t > Class Template Reference

Public Member Functions

 FixedDivisor (const std::int32_t d)
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL std::int32_t d () const
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL std::uint64_t magic () const
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL int shift () const
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL std::int32_t Div (const std::int32_t n) const
 Calculates q = n / d.
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL std::int32_t Mod (const std::int32_t n) const
 Calculates r = n % d.
FIXED_DIVISOR_DECL void DivMod (const std::int32_t n, std::int32_t *q, int32_t *r) const
 Calculates q = n / d and r = n % d together.

Detailed Description

class caffe2::FixedDivisor< std::int32_t >

Definition at line 27 of file fixed_divisor.h.

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