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caffe2::TensorDeserializer Class Reference

TensorDeserializer is the deserializer for Tensors. More...

#include <blob_serialization.h>

Inheritance diagram for caffe2::TensorDeserializer:
caffe2::BlobDeserializerBase caffe2::int8::Int8TensorCPUDeserializer

Public Member Functions

void Deserialize (const BlobProto &proto, Blob *blob) override
void DeserializeToTensor (const TensorProto &proto, Tensor *tensor)
Tensor Deserialize (const TensorProto &proto)

Detailed Description

TensorDeserializer is the deserializer for Tensors.

The device that the deserialized Tensor will live under is determined by the device_detail field. If you want to specify the device of the deserialized tensor, change the TensorProto's corresponding fields before calling Deserialize.

Definition at line 128 of file blob_serialization.h.

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