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torch::data::samplers::DistributedSampler< BatchRequest > Class Template Reference

A Sampler that selects a subset of indices to sample from and defines a sampling behavior. More...

#include <distributed.h>

Inheritance diagram for torch::data::samplers::DistributedSampler< BatchRequest >:
torch::data::samplers::Sampler< BatchRequest >

Public Member Functions

TORCH_API DistributedSampler (size_t size, size_t num_replicas=1, size_t rank=0, bool allow_duplicates=true)
void set_epoch (size_t epoch)
 Set the epoch for the current enumeration. More...
size_t epoch () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from torch::data::samplers::Sampler< BatchRequest >
virtual TORCH_API void reset (optional< size_t > new_size)=0
 Resets the Sampler's internal state. More...
virtual TORCH_API optional< BatchRequest > next (size_t batch_size)=0
 Returns the next index if possible, or an empty optional if the sampler is exhausted for this epoch. More...
virtual TORCH_API void save (serialize::OutputArchive &archive) const =0
 Serializes the Sampler to the archive.
virtual TORCH_API void load (serialize::InputArchive &archive)=0
 Deserializes the Sampler from the archive.

Protected Member Functions

size_t local_sample_count ()

Protected Attributes

size_t size_
size_t num_replicas_
size_t rank_
size_t epoch_
bool allow_duplicates_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from torch::data::samplers::Sampler< BatchRequest >
using BatchRequestType = BatchRequest

Detailed Description

template<typename BatchRequest = std::vector<size_t>>
class torch::data::samplers::DistributedSampler< BatchRequest >

A Sampler that selects a subset of indices to sample from and defines a sampling behavior.

In a distributed setting, this selects a subset of the indices depending on the provided num_replicas and rank parameters. The Sampler performs a rounding operation based on the allow_duplicates parameter to decide the local sample count.

Definition at line 26 of file distributed.h.

Member Function Documentation

template<typename BatchRequest = std::vector<size_t>>
void torch::data::samplers::DistributedSampler< BatchRequest >::set_epoch ( size_t  epoch)

Set the epoch for the current enumeration.

This can be used to alter the sample selection and shuffling behavior.

Definition at line 41 of file distributed.h.

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