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caffe2::GetWeightedSigmoidCrossEntropyWithLogitsGradient Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

vector< OperatorDef > GetGradientDefs () override
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2::GradientMakerBase
 GradientMakerBase (const OperatorDef &def, const vector< GradientWrapper > &g_output)
virtual bool CopyDeviceOption () const
virtual bool CopyEngine () const
virtual bool CopyArguments () const
virtual void VerifyOp () const
virtual GradientOpsMeta Get ()
 Returns the gradient ops meta. More...
const OperatorDef & Def () const

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2::GradientMakerBase
static CaffeMap< string, string > MatchGradsToParams (const OperatorDef &op)
 Returns map that returns the parameters that the gradients are for.
- Protected Member Functions inherited from caffe2::GradientMakerBase
string I (const int i)
string O (const int i)
string GI (const int i)
string GI_I (const int i)
string GI_V (const int i)
string GO (const int i)
string GO_I (const int i)
string GO_V (const int i)
const GradientWrapperGradOut (int i)
void SetDense (const int i, const string &name)
void SetSparse (const int i, const string &indices, const string &values)
- Static Protected Member Functions inherited from caffe2::GradientMakerBase
template<class... Args>
static vector< OperatorDef > SingleGradientDef (const Args &...args)
 a helper function to allow one to create one single operator def, which is usually the case for many simple operators.
- Protected Attributes inherited from caffe2::GradientMakerBase
const OperatorDef & def_
const vector< GradientWrapper > & g_output_
vector< GradientWrapperg_input_

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