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torch::PythonArgs Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 PythonArgs (int idx, bool traceable, const FunctionSignature &signature, PyObject **args)
at::Tensor tensor (int i)
at::Scalar scalar (int i)
at::Scalar scalarWithDefault (int i, at::Scalar default_scalar)
std::vector< at::Tensortensorlist (int i)
template<int N>
std::array< at::Tensor, N > tensorlist_n (int i)
std::vector< int64_t > intlist (int i)
std::vector< int64_t > intlistWithDefault (int i, std::vector< int64_t > default_intlist)
at::Generatorgenerator (int i)
at::Storage storage (int i)
at::ScalarType scalartype (int i)
at::ScalarType scalartypeWithDefault (int i, at::ScalarType default_scalartype)
c10::optional< at::ScalarType > scalartypeOptional (int i)
c10::optional< at::ScalarscalarOptional (int i)
c10::optional< int64_t > toInt64Optional (int i)
const THPLayoutlayout (int i)
const THPLayoutlayoutWithDefault (int i, const THPLayout &default_layout)
at::Device device (int i)
at::Device deviceWithDefault (int i, const at::Device &default_device)
c10::optional< at::DevicedeviceOptional (int i)
std::string string (int i)
PyObject * pyobject (int i)
int64_t toInt64 (int i)
int64_t toInt64WithDefault (int i, int64_t default_int)
double toDouble (int i)
double toDoubleWithDefault (int i, double default_double)
bool toBool (int i)
bool toBoolWithDefault (int i, bool default_bool)
bool isNone (int i)

Data Fields

int idx
bool traceable
const FunctionSignaturesignature
PyObject ** args

Detailed Description

Definition at line 105 of file python_arg_parser.h.

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