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torch::jit::Block Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

TORCH_API Block (Graph *graph_, Node *node_)
at::ArrayRef< Value * > inputs ()
at::ArrayRef< const Value * > inputs () const
at::ArrayRef< Value * > outputs ()
at::ArrayRef< const Value * > outputs () const
graph_node_list nodes ()
const_graph_node_list nodes () const
Nodereturn_node ()
const Nodereturn_node () const
Nodeparam_node ()
const Nodeparam_node () const
GraphowningGraph ()
const GraphowningGraph () const
NodeowningNode ()
const NodeowningNode () const
ValueaddInput (std::string name="")
ValueinsertInput (size_t i, std::string name="")
void eraseInput (size_t i)
size_t registerOutput (Value *v)
size_t insertOutput (size_t i, Value *n)
void eraseOutput (size_t i)
NodeappendNode (Node *n)
NodeprependNode (Node *n)
TORCH_API void cloneFrom (Block *src, std::function< Value *(Value *)> value_map)


struct Node
struct Graph

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