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caffe2.python.core.Net Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, name_or_proto)
def AppendNet (self, net, device_option=None)
def LogInfo (self, msg_or_blobs)
def add_attribute (self, name, obj)
def get_attributes (self, name)
def set_rand_seed (self, seed=100, sequence_seed=True, seed_on_op_def=False)
def Name (self)
def __str__ (self)
def Const (self, array, blob_out=None, dtype=None)
def BlobIsDefined (self, blob)
def UsesBlob (self, blob)
def UsedBlobNames (self)
def GetBlobRef (self, blob_name)
def Clone (self, name, blob_remap=None, op_id_mask=None, remap_funcs=None, keep_schema=True, update_external_list=False)
def ClonePartial (self, name, inputs, outputs, remap_funcs=None)
def Proto (self)
def insert_op_at_idx (self, op, op_idx)
def reroute_tensor (self, tensor, new_producer, can_modify=None)
def PopulateProtoWithFileName (self)
def NextScopedBlob (self, prefix='unnamed')
def NextBlob (self, prefix='unnamed')
def NextName (self, prefix=None, output_id=None)
def AddGradientOperators (self, ys, skip=0)
def AddArgument (self, arg_name, arg_value)
def AddExternalInput (self, inputs)
def AddExternalOutput (self, outputs)
def AddScopedExternalInputs (self, inputs)
def AddScopedExternalOutputs (self, outputs)
def AddObserver (self, observer_type)
def RemoveObserver (self, observer)
def NumObservers (self)
def external_inputs (self)
def external_outputs (self)
def set_input_record (self, input_record)
def recover_input_record_by_prefix (self, prefix)
def set_output_record (self, record)
def recover_output_record_by_prefix (self, prefix)
def AppendOutputRecordField (self, field_name, record)
def input_record (self)
def output_record (self)
def AddExternalInputs (self, inputs)
def AddExternalOutputs (self, outputs)
def DeduplicateGradientSlices (self, g, aggregator='sum')
def RunAllOnGPU (self, gpu_id=0, use_cudnn=False)
def RunAllOnMKL (self)
def RunAllOnIDEEP (self)
def __getattr__ (self, op_type)
def __dir__ (self)
def Python (self, f, grad_f=None, python_func_type=None, pass_workspace=False, grad_output_indices=None, grad_input_indices=None)
def is_external_input (self, blob)
def extend_ops (self, new_ops)

Static Public Member Functions

def current_prefix ()

Static Public Attributes

dictionary operator_registry_ = {}

Detailed Description

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def caffe2.python.core.Net.__init__ (   self,
Create a Net.
    name_or_proto:  If a NetDef is provided, clone it. Otherwise,
            create an empty net with the given name.

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Member Function Documentation

def caffe2.python.core.Net.add_attribute (   self,
Add `obj` to the list of attributes in this net under the given `name`.
Attributes are user-defined objects and have no pre-defined semantics.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.AddGradientOperators (   self,
  skip = 0 
Add the gradient for operators in the net.

  ys: a list or a dictionary specifying what blobs we want to compute
      derivatives of. If the input is a list, we will automatically
      generate their gradients with all-one values; if the input is a
      dictionary, for any dictionary entries that are not None, we will
      take the corresponding blobs as their gradients; for all those
      that are None, we will auto-fill them with 1.
  skip: skips the first n operators. This is provided mainly because a
      lot of nets may use the first few operators for data generation
      like stuff which really do not need to have gradients.

  returns a map from the blob name in the input network to a blob
  containing gradient or a GradientSlice in case of sparse gradient

Currently, this is hard-coded for float operators if there are branches
(i.e. a blob is used as input to multiple operators). This is because
the gradient accumulation (Sum) is float only right now.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.BlobIsDefined (   self,
Returns true if the given BlobReference is produced as output of
an operator in this net, or if it is provided as an external input.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.Clone (   self,
  blob_remap = None,
  op_id_mask = None,
  remap_funcs = None,
  keep_schema = True,
  update_external_list = False 
Clone this net.
    name:        name of the cloned net
    blob_remap:  optional map with list of blob names to replace
    op_id_mask:  optional list of operator indices to include in
         the cloned net. If not provided, all ops are included.

Definition at line 1633 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.ClonePartial (   self,
  remap_funcs = None 
Clone this net, including only ops that are necessary in order to
compute `outputs` given `inputs`. Return references to the cloned
outputs. Internal blobs (blobs that are produced and consumed inside
the net but not used as outputs) will be remapped to avoid name

    name:    the name of the cloned net
    inputs:  map where the keys correspond to BlobReferences in the
     original net, and the values correspond to external inputs
     in the partially cloned net. If `inputs` is a list, don't
     remap input names.
    outputs: outputs to be produced by the cloned net.

    Tuple (new_net, new_outputs)
new_net:       a new Net object.
new_outputs:   list of BlobReferences corresponding to the
               outputs produced by new_net.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.get_attributes (   self,
Returns the list of attributes in this net for a given `name`.
Attributes are user-defined objects added with `add_attribute'.

Definition at line 1516 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.GetBlobRef (   self,
Given the name of a blob produced by this net, return a BlobReference
to it. If the blob is not produced by any op in this net,
raises KeyError.

Definition at line 1614 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.NextBlob (   self,
  prefix = 'unnamed' 
Return the blob that has not been defined or registered in the
current net. It returns `BlobReference(prefix)`, if it's valid,
otherwise `BlobReference(prefix) + '_auto_' + ?`. Different calls
is guaranteed to return blob with different names.

Definition at line 1876 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.NextName (   self,
  prefix = None,
  output_id = None 
Returns the next name to be used, if you do not want to explicitly
name your blob. [Deprecated, use NextBlob, NextScopedBlob instead]

Definition at line 1892 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.NextScopedBlob (   self,
  prefix = 'unnamed' 
Return the blob that has not been defined or registered in the
current net. It returns `ScopedBlobReference(prefix)`, if it's valid,
otherwise `ScopedBlobReference(prefix) + '_auto_' + ?`. Different calls
is guaranteed to return blob with different names.

Definition at line 1867 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.Python (   self,
  grad_f = None,
  python_func_type = None,
  pass_workspace = False,
  grad_output_indices = None,
  grad_input_indices = None 
Registers and returns a python operator.

`f` and `grad_f` can be one of the following:
    - a function with signature (inputs, outputs), where inputs and
      outputs are a list of CPUTensor objects. This function will be
      called from C++ everytime the operator is executed.
    - a tuple (func, args, kwargs), here `func` is a callable, args is
      an argument list, and kwargs is a dict list. The call:
  f = func(*args, kwargs)
      will be performed locally at node initialization time, on all of
      the nodes of the job, returning `f`, a callable that will be used
      as the python operator function to be called during Net execution.
      This is to be used when using python operator in a distributed
      context, and allows to create and keep local python state across
      calls to the operator.

`python_func_type` is a type of an object that constructed as
python_func_type(f) and provides an implementation to forward and
backward functions. Its useful in such a case where users needs
a statefull PythonOp (ex: use autograd for computing grad_f).

If `pass_workspace` is True, the signature is changed to
(inputs, outputs, workspace) where `workspace` is the workspace the op
is going to run on. This is potentially dangerous (as the op can
manipulate the workspace directly), use on your own risk.

If a gradient function is specified (`grad_f`), by default its inputs
will be: (1) all inputs to `f`, (2) followed by all outputs of `f`, (3)
and then all gradient outputs of `f`. The outputs of `grad_f` will be
(by default) all gradient inputs to `f`. If a subset of the gradient
outputs or gradient inputs is desired instead, then the subsets can be
specified by providing `grad_output_indices` and/or `grad_input_indices`
which identify the indices of `f`'s inputs and outputs which have

Definition at line 2219 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.recover_input_record_by_prefix (   self,
Tries to recover input record by taking a subset of external_inputs with
a given prefix name and interpreting them as schema column names

Definition at line 2055 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.recover_output_record_by_prefix (   self,
Tries to recover out record by taking a subset of external_outputs with
a given prefix name and interpreting them as schema column names

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.RunAllOnGPU (   self,
  gpu_id = 0,
  use_cudnn = False 
A convenient function to run everything on the GPU.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.RunAllOnIDEEP (   self)
A convenient function to run everything using IDEEP.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.RunAllOnMKL (   self)
A convenient function to run everything using MKLDNN.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.set_rand_seed (   self,
  seed = 100,
  sequence_seed = True,
  seed_on_op_def = False 
Adds a random seed to each op in the net.
If sequence_seed is set, the i-th op has rand_seed=`seed + i`
If seed_on_op_def is set, the op rand_seed=hash(str(op))
sequence_seed and seed_on_op_def cannot be both set to True.

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def caffe2.python.core.Net.UsedBlobNames (   self)
Returns a set of blob names used in the net

Definition at line 1600 of file

def caffe2.python.core.Net.UsesBlob (   self,
Returns true iff the given BlobReference is used by any operator
or this net, or if it is one of the external inputs of the net.

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