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caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithTimeLimit Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithTimeLimit:
caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithLimitBase caffe2.python.dataio.Reader

Public Member Functions

def __init__ (self, reader, duration=0)
def setup_limiter (self, global_init_net, global_finish_net)
def check_limiter_condition (self, stop_condition_net)
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithLimitBase
def __init__ (self, reader)
def setup_ex (self, global_init_net, global_finish_net)
def read_ex (self, local_init_net, local_finish_net)
def setup_limiter (self, global_init_net, global_finish_net)
def check_limiter_condition (self, stop_condition_net)
def data_finished (self)
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2.python.dataio.Reader
def __init__ (self, schema=None)
def schema (self)
def setup_ex (self, init_net, finish_net)
def read_ex (self, local_init_net, local_finish_net)
def read_record_ex (self, local_init_net, local_finish_net)
def read (self, read_net)
def reset (self, net)
def read_record (self, read_net)
def execution_step (self, reader_net_name=None, external_should_stop=None)

Public Attributes

- Public Attributes inherited from caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithLimitBase

Detailed Description

Reader that stops after `duration` seconds.

If `duration` <= 0 or is None, reverts to an unconstrained reader that
exports a boolean blob indicating that the reader has exhausted
the data steam.

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Constructor & Destructor Documentation

def caffe2.python.dataio.ReaderWithTimeLimit.__init__ (   self,
  duration = 0 
Class initializer.

    reader: The underlying reader object doing the actual read.
    duration: Number of seconds to read. If un-specified, None, or <= 0,
the class reverts to a normal reader except that it also
produces a data_finished blob as a side effect to indicate
whether the input stream is exhausted.

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