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test_numba_integration.TestNumbaIntegration Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def test_cuda_array_interface (self)
def test_array_adaptor (self)
def test_conversion_errors (self)
def test_active_device (self)

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Member Function Documentation

def test_numba_integration.TestNumbaIntegration.test_active_device (   self)
'as_cuda_array' tensor device must match active numba context.

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def test_numba_integration.TestNumbaIntegration.test_array_adaptor (   self)
Torch __cuda_array_adaptor__ exposes tensor data to numba.cuda.

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def test_numba_integration.TestNumbaIntegration.test_conversion_errors (   self)
Numba properly detects array interface for tensor.Tensor variants.

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def test_numba_integration.TestNumbaIntegration.test_cuda_array_interface (   self)
torch.Tensor exposes __cuda_array_interface__ for cuda tensors.

An object t is considered a cuda-tensor if:
    hasattr(t, '__cuda_array_interface__')

A cuda-tensor provides a tensor description dict:
    shape: (integer, ...) Tensor shape.
    strides: (integer, ...) Tensor strides, in bytes.
    typestr: (str) A numpy-style typestr.
    data: (int, boolean) A (data_ptr, read-only) tuple.
    version: (int) Version 0


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