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test_operators.TestOperators Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

def assertONNX (self, f, args, params=None, kwargs)
def assertONNXRaises (self, err, f, args, params=None, kwargs)
def assertONNXRaisesRegex (self, err, reg, f, args, params=None, kwargs)
def test_basic (self)
def test_view (self)
def test_index (self)
def test_type_as (self)
def test_addconstant (self)
def test_add_broadcast (self)
def test_add_left_broadcast (self)
def test_add_size1_broadcast (self)
def test_add_size1_right_broadcast (self)
def test_add_size1_singleton_broadcast (self)
def test_rsub (self)
def test_transpose (self)
def test_chunk (self)
def test_split (self)
def test_split_with_sizes (self)
def test_concat2 (self)
def test_mm (self)
def test_addmm (self)
def test_permute2 (self)
def test_pad (self)
def test_params (self)
def test_symbolic_mismatch (self)
def test_batchnorm (self)
def test_batchnorm_1d (self)
def test_batchnorm_training (self)
def test_conv (self)
def test_convtranspose (self)
def test_maxpool (self)
def test_avg_pool2d (self)
def test_maxpool_indices (self)
def test_at_op (self)
def test_clip (self)
def test_clip_min (self)
def test_clip_max (self)
def test_hardtanh (self)
def test_full (self)
def test_full_like (self)
def test_max (self)
def test_min (self)
def test_mean (self)
def test_reduced_mean (self)
def test_reduced_mean_keepdim (self)
def test_sum (self)
def test_reduced_sum (self)
def test_reduced_sum_keepdim (self)
def test_prod (self)
def test_reduced_prod (self)
def test_reduced_prod_keepdim (self)
def test_sqrt (self)
def test_equal (self)
def test_lt (self)
def test_gt (self)
def test_le (self)
def test_ge (self)
def test_exp (self)
def test_sin (self)
def test_cos (self)
def test_tan (self)
def test_asin (self)
def test_acos (self)
def test_slice (self)
def test_narrow (self)
def test_atan (self)
def test_view_flatten (self)
def test_flatten (self)
def test_flatten2D (self)
def test_isnan (self)
def test_argmax (self)
def test_logsoftmax (self)
def test_pow (self)
def test_elu (self)
def test_selu (self)
def test_repeat (self)
def test_repeat_dim_overflow (self)
def test_norm (self)
def test_upsample (self)
def test_unsqueeze (self)
def test_batchnorm_noaffine (self)
def test_embedding_bags (self)
def test_implicit_expand (self)
def test_reduce_sum_negative_indices (self)
def test_randn (self)
def test_rrelu (self)
def test_log_sigmoid (self)
def test_linear (self)
def test_zeros_like (self)
def test_ones_like (self)
def test_expand (self)
def test_ne (self)
def test_reducemax (self)
def test_reducemin (self)
def test_erf (self)
def test_dropout (self)
def test_nonzero (self)
def test_master_opset (self)
def test_retain_param_name_disabled (self)

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