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test_torch.TestTorch Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for test_torch.TestTorch:
common_utils.TestCase test_torch._TestTorchMixin expecttest.TestCase

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Member Functions inherited from common_utils.TestCase
def __init__ (self, method_name='runTest')
def assertLeaksNoCudaTensors (self, name=None)
def wrap_with_cuda_memory_check (self, method)
def setUp (self)
def assertTensorsSlowEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def genSparseTensor (self, size, sparse_dim, nnz, is_uncoalesced, device='cpu')
def safeToDense (self, t)
def safeCoalesce (self, t)
def assertEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='', allow_inf=False)
def assertAlmostEqual (self, x, y, places=None, msg=None, delta=None, allow_inf=None)
def assertNotEqual (self, x, y, prec=None, message='')
def assertObjectIn (self, obj, iterable)
def assertExpectedRaises (self, exc_type, callable, args, kwargs)
def assertWarns (self, callable, msg='')
def assertWarnsRegex (self, callable, regex, msg='')
def assertExpected (self, s, subname=None)
- Public Member Functions inherited from expecttest.TestCase
def assertExpectedInline (self, actual, expect, skip=0)
- Public Member Functions inherited from test_torch._TestTorchMixin
def test_dir (self)
def test_doc (self)
def test_dot (self)
def test_ger (self)
def test_addr (self)
def test_addmv (self)
def test_addmm (self)
def test_logical_any (self)
def test_logical_all (self)
def test_allclose (self)
def test_linear_algebra_scalar_raises (self)
def test_sin (self)
def test_sinh (self)
def test_lgamma (self)
def test_mvlgamma (self)
def test_mvlgamma_argcheck (self)
def test_digamma (self)
def test_polygamma (self)
def test_asin (self)
def test_cos (self)
def test_cosh (self)
def test_acos (self)
def test_tan (self)
def test_tanh (self)
def test_atan (self)
def test_log (self)
def test_log10 (self)
def test_log1p (self)
def test_log2 (self)
def test_sqrt (self)
def test_erf (self)
def test_erfc (self)
def test_erfinv (self)
def test_exp (self)
def test_expm1 (self)
def test_floor (self)
def test_ceil (self)
def test_ceil_out_cpu_cuda (self)
def test_rsqrt (self)
def test_sigmoid (self)
def test_frac (self)
def test_trunc (self)
def test_round (self)
def test_has_storage (self)
def test_has_storage_numpy (self)
def test_max (self)
def test_max_with_inf (self)
def test_min (self)
def test_min_with_inf (self)
def test_norm (self)
def test_dist (self)
def test_dim_reduction_uint8_overflow (self)
def test_dim_reduction (self)
def test_reduction_empty (self)
def test_pairwise_distance_empty (self)
def test_pdist_empty (self)
def test_pdist_norm (self)
def test_cdist_empty (self)
def test_cdist_norm (self)
def test_cdist_large (self)
def test_cdist_non_contiguous (self)
def test_logsumexp (self)
def test_cpu_parallel (self)
def test_max_elementwise (self)
def test_min_elementwise (self)
def test_lerp (self)
def test_all_any (self)
def test_all_any_empty (self)
def test_all_any_with_dim (self)
def test_all_any_empty_cuda (self)
def test_mv (self)
def test_add (self)
def test_csub (self)
def test_neg (self)
def test_threshold (self)
def test_reciprocal (self)
def test_mul (self)
def test_div (self)
def test_floordiv (self)
def test_rdiv (self)
def test_fmod (self)
def test_remainder (self)
def test_remainder_overflow (self)
def test_mm (self)
def test_btrifact (self)
def test_btrisolve (self)
def test_btriunpack (self)
def test_bmm (self)
def test_addbmm (self)
def test_baddbmm (self)
def test_clamp (self)
def test_pow (self)
def test_rpow (self)
def test_int_pow (self)
def test_cdiv (self)
def test_cfmod (self)
def test_cremainder (self)
def test_cmul (self)
def test_cpow (self)
def test_einsum (self)
def test_sum_all (self)
def test_sum_dim (self)
def test_mean_dim (self)
def test_std_dim (self)
def test_var_dim (self)
def test_logsumexp_dim (self)
def test_sum_out (self)
def test_prod (self)
def test_cumsum (self)
def test_cumprod (self)
def test_sum_integer_upcast (self)
def test_prod_integer_upcast (self)
def test_cumsum_integer_upcast (self)
def test_cumprod_integer_upcast (self)
def test_cross (self)
def test_zeros (self)
def test_zeros_like (self)
def test_zeros_like_cuda (self)
def test_zeros_like_multiple_device (self)
def test_zeros_out (self)
def test_histc_cpu (self)
def test_ones (self)
def test_ones_like (self)
def test_ones_like_cuda (self)
def test_ones_like_multiple_device (self)
def test_dtypes (self)
def test_copy_dtypes (self)
def test_device (self)
def test_tensor_device (self)
def test_to (self)
def test_to_with_tensor (self)
def test_empty_full (self)
def test_dtype_out_match (self)
def test_constructor_dtypes (self)
def test_constructor_device_legacy (self)
def test_type (self)
def test_tensor_factory (self)
def test_tensor_factory_copy_var (self)
def test_tensor_factory_type_inference (self)
def test_tensor_factory_cuda_type_inference (self)
def test_tensor_factory_cuda_type (self)
def test_tensor_factories_empty_bool (self)
def test_tensor_factories_empty (self)
def test_new_tensor (self)
def test_as_tensor (self)
def test_diag (self)
def test_diagonal (self)
def test_diagonal_multidim (self)
def test_diag_embed (self)
def test_diagflat (self)
def test_eye (self)
def test_renorm (self)
def test_renorm_ps (self)
def test_renorm_ps_cuda (self)
def test_multinomial (self)
def test_multinomial_invalid_probs (self)
def test_range (self)
def test_range_warning (self)
def test_arange (self)
def test_arange_inference (self)
def test_randint_inference (self)
def test_broadcast (self)
def test_broadcast_empty (self)
def test_broadcast_tensors (self)
def test_contiguous (self)
def test_empty_tensor_props (self)
def test_scalars_as_floats (self)
def test_broadcast_fused_matmul (self)
def test_broadcast_batched_matmul (self)
def test_copy_broadcast (self)
def test_randperm (self)
def test_random (self)
def test_random_neg_values (self)
def assertIsOrdered (self, order, x, mxx, ixx, task)
def test_sort (self)
def test_tensordot (self)
def test_topk (self)
def test_topk_arguments (self)
def test_topk_noncontiguous_gpu (self)
def test_kthvalue (self)
def test_median (self)
def test_mode (self)
def test_trilu_indices (self)
def test_triu_tril (self)
def test_cat (self)
def test_cat_bad_input_sizes (self)
def test_cat_scalars (self)
def test_cat_empty_legacy (self)
def test_cat_empty (self)
def test_narrow (self)
def test_narrow_empty (self)
def test_stack (self)
def test_stack_out (self)
def test_unbind (self)
def test_linspace (self)
def test_logspace (self)
def test_rand (self)
def test_randint (self)
def test_randn (self)
def test_slice (self)
def test_is_signed (self)
def test_is_signed_cuda (self)
def test_solve (self)
def test_solve_batched (self)
def test_solve_batched_dims (self)
def test_solve_methods_arg_device (self)
def test_qr (self)
def test_ormqr (self)
def test_geqrf (self)
def test_trtrs (self)
def test_trtrs_batched (self)
def test_trtrs_batched_dims (self)
def test_gels (self)
def test_eig (self)
def test_symeig (self)
def test_svd (self)
def test_svd_no_singularvectors (self)
def test_matrix_rank (self)
def test_signal_window_functions (self)
def test_inverse (self)
def test_pinverse (self)
def test_matrix_power (self)
def test_chain_matmul (self)
def test_det_logdet_slogdet (self)
def test_fft_ifft_rfft_irfft (self)
def test_stft (self)
def test_conv2 (self)
def test_conv3 (self)
def test_xcorr3_xcorr2_eq (self)
def test_xcorr3_xcorr2_eq_full (self)
def test_conv3_conv2_eq_valid (self)
def test_fconv3_fconv2_eq (self)
def test_logical (self)
def test_isfinite (self)
def test_isfinite_int (self)
def test_isinf (self)
def test_isnan (self)
def test_RNGState (self)
def test_RNGStateAliasing (self)
def test_RNG_after_pickle (self)
def test_boxMullerState (self)
def test_manual_seed (self)
def test_cholesky (self)
def test_cholesky_batched (self)
def test_cholesky_solve (self)
def test_cholesky_solve_batched (self)
def test_cholesky_solve_batched_dims (self)
def test_potri (self)
def test_pstrf (self)
def test_numel (self)
def test_index (self)
def test_advancedindex (self)
def test_advancedindex_big (self)
def test_newaxis_numpy_comparison (self)
def test_newindex (self)
def test_index_copy (self)
def test_index_add (self)
def test_index_select (self)
def test_t (self)
def test_take (self)
def test_take_empty (self)
def test_put_ (self)
def test_put_accumulate (self)
def test_put_empty (self)
def test_flatten (self)
def test_gather (self)
def test_scatter (self)
def test_scatterAdd (self)
def test_scatterFill (self)
def test_masked_scatter (self)
def test_masked_select (self)
def test_masked_fill (self)
def test_abs (self)
def test_namedtuple_return (self)
def test_hardshrink (self)
def test_unbiased (self)
def test_structseq_repr (self)
def test_var_stability (self)
def test_view (self)
def test_view_empty (self)
def test_reshape (self)
def test_empty_reshape (self)
def test_tensor_shape_empty (self)
def test_dim_function_empty (self)
def test_blas_empty (self)
def test_blas_alpha_beta_empty (self)
def test_lapack_empty (self)
def test_expand (self)
def test_repeat (self)
def test_repeat_tile (self)
def test_is_same_size (self)
def test_is_set_to (self)
def test_tensor_set (self)
def test_equal (self)
def test_element_size (self)
def test_split (self)
def test_chunk (self)
def test_tolist (self)
def test_permute (self)
def test_flip (self)
def test_roll (self)
def test_reversed (self)
def test_contains (self)
def test_rot90 (self)
def test_storage (self)
def test_nonzero (self)
def test_nonzero_empty (self)
def test_deepcopy (self)
def test_deepcopy_scalar (self)
def test_deepcopy_parameter (self)
def test_copy (self)
def test_pickle (self)
def test_pickle_parameter (self)
def test_pickle_parameter_no_requires_grad (self)
def test_norm_fastpaths (self)
def test_bernoulli (self)
def test_normal (self)
def test_parsing_int64 (self)
def test_parsing_double (self)
def test_parsing_intlist (self)
def test_serialization (self)
def test_serialization_filelike (self)
def test_serialization_gzip (self)
def test_serialization_offset (self)
def test_serialization_offset_filelike (self)
def test_serialization_offset_gzip (self)
def test_half_tensor (self)
def test_serialize_device (self)
def test_half_tensor_cuda (self)
def test_serialization_cuda (self)
def test_serialization_cuda_filelike (self)
def test_serialization_backwards_compat (self)
def test_serialization_container (self)
def test_serialization_container_filelike (self)
def test_serialization_map_location (self)
def test_load_nonexistent_device (self)
def test_serialization_filelike_api_requirements (self)
def test_serialization_filelike_missing_attrs (self)
def test_serialization_filelike_stress (self)
def test_serialization_filelike_uses_readinto (self)
def test_serialization_storage_slice (self)
def test_load_error_msg (self)
def test_from_buffer (self)
def test_storage_casts (self)
def test_from_file (self)
def test_print (self)
def test_sizeof (self)
def test_unsqueeze (self)
def test_iter (self)
def test_accreal_type (self)
def test_assertEqual (self)
def test_new (self)
def test_empty_like (self)
def test_empty_strided (self)
def test_pin_memory (self)
def test_numpy_unresizable (self)
def test_to_numpy (self)
def test_dlpack_conversion (self)
def test_dlpack_cuda (self)
def test_from_numpy (self)
def test_ctor_with_numpy_array (self)
def test_ctor_with_numpy_scalar_ctor (self)
def test_numpy_index (self)
def test_numpy_array_interface (self)
def test_multiplication_numpy_scalar (self)
def test_error_msg_type_translation (self)
def test_tensor_from_sequence (self)
def test_comparison_ops (self)
def test_bitwise_ops (self)
def test_invert (self)
def test_apply (self)
def test_map (self)
def test_map2 (self)
def test_Size (self)
def test_Size_scalar (self)
def test_Size_iter (self)
def test_t_not_2d_error (self)
def test_big_transpose (self)
def test_inplace_division (self)
def test_simple_scalar_cast (self)
def test_offset_scalar_cast (self)
def test_set_flush_denormal (self)
def test_unique (self)
def test_unique_dim (self)
def test_bincount_cpu (self)
def test_is_nonzero (self)
def test_meshgrid (self)
def test_cuda_not_built (self)
def test_cast_binary_op (self)
def test_cartesian_prod (self)
def test_combinations (self)
def test_has_internal_overlap (self)
def test_inplace_unary_mem_overlap (self)
def test_abs_unary_mem_overlap (self)
def test_sinh_unary_mem_overlap (self)
def test_cosh_unary_mem_overlap (self)
def test_reverse_binary_ops_multiple_device (self)
def test_allow_tensor_metadata_change (self)
def test_c10_layer_norm (self)
- Static Public Member Functions inherited from test_torch._TestTorchMixin
def unary_check_mem_overlap (self, inplace_op, value=-0.5, device='cpu')
- Public Attributes inherited from test_torch._TestTorchMixin
- Static Public Attributes inherited from common_utils.TestCase
int precision = 1
 maxDiff = None
 assertRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRegexpMatches
 assertRaisesRegex = unittest.TestCase.assertRaisesRegexp
- Static Public Attributes inherited from expecttest.TestCase
bool longMessage = True

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