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torch::jit::script::Environment Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Environment (Method &method, Resolver resolver, Block *b, std::shared_ptr< Environment > next=nullptr)
void setVariableTypeError (const std::string &name, const std::string &msg)
c10::optional< std::string > findVariableTypeError (const std::string &name)
SugaredValuePtr findInThisFrame (const std::string &name)
SugaredValuePtr findInParentFrame (const std::string &name)
SugaredValuePtr findInAnyFrame (const std::string &name)
ValuegetValueInThisFrame (const SourceRange &loc, const std::string &name)
SugaredValuePtr createCapturedInput (Value *orig, const std::string &name)
SugaredValuePtr createCapturedInputIfNeeded (const SourceRange &loc, const std::string &ident)
Blockblock ()
Symbol getBlockOwningKind ()
void setVar (const SourceRange &loc, const std::string &name, Value *value)
void setSugaredVar (const SourceRange &loc, const std::string &name, SugaredValuePtr value)
SugaredValuePtr getSugaredVar (const Ident &ident, bool required=true)
ValuegetVar (const Ident &ident)
SugaredValuePtr getSugaredVar (const std::string &ident, const SourceRange &range, bool required=true)
ValuegetVar (const std::string &ident, const SourceRange &range)
void deleteExtraInputs (const SourceRange &loc)
std::vector< std::string > definedVariables ()

Data Fields

Resolver resolver
std::vector< std::string > captured_inputs
std::unordered_map< std::string, std::string > error_messages
std::shared_ptr< Environmentnext

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