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Public Member Functions
torch::jit::script::Method Struct Reference

Public Member Functions

 Method (Module *owner, std::string name, bool optimize, std::shared_ptr< Graph > graph, std::vector< IValue * > initial_members, std::function< void(Method &)> method_creator)
void run (Stack &stack)
void run (Stack &&stack)
IValue operator() (std::vector< IValue > stack)
std::shared_ptr< Graphgraph_for (Stack inputs)
TORCH_API std::shared_ptr< Graphgraph () const
TORCH_API const std::string & name () const
Valueemit_call_to (const SourceRange &loc, Method &callee, ArrayRef< NamedValue > args, ArrayRef< NamedValue > kwargs)
TORCH_API void ensure_defined ()
size_t num_inputs () const
TORCH_API Valueget_or_add_parameter (IValue *slot)
TORCH_API Valueget_or_add_attribute (TypePtr type, IValue *slot)
std::shared_ptr< Graphpropagate_shapes (std::vector< at::Tensor > inputs, bool with_grad=false)
std::shared_ptr< Graphpropagate_and_assign_input_and_output_shapes (std::vector< at::Tensor > inputs, std::vector< at::Tensor > outputs, bool with_grad=false, bool propagate=true)
const std::vector< IValue * > & initial_ivalues () const
MethodsetSchema (FunctionSchema schema_)
TORCH_API const FunctionSchemagetSchema () const
std::string pretty_print_schema () const
GraphExecutorState getDebugState ()
void debugDisableAutodiffSubgraphInlining ()
bool is_optimized () const
Moduleowner () const
void check_single_output ()

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Definition at line 55 of file module.h.

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