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Public Member Functions
torch::jit::script::ModuleValue Struct Reference
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Public Member Functions

 ModuleValue (std::shared_ptr< Module > module)
std::string kind () const override
std::shared_ptr< SugaredValueattr (const SourceRange &loc, Method &m, const std::string &field) override
std::shared_ptr< SugaredValuecall (const SourceRange &loc, Method &caller, at::ArrayRef< NamedValue > inputs, at::ArrayRef< NamedValue > attributes, size_t n_binders) override
std::vector< std::shared_ptr< SugaredValue > > asTuple (const SourceRange &loc, Method &m, const c10::optional< size_t > &size_hint={}) override
- Public Member Functions inherited from torch::jit::script::SugaredValue
virtual ValueasValue (const SourceRange &loc, Method &m)
virtual void setAttr (const SourceRange &loc, Method &m, const std::string &field, Value *newValue)
virtual NoneStatus isNone ()

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