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torch::jit::tracer::ArgumentStash Struct Reference

Data Structures

struct  IntArrayRefTrace

Static Public Member Functions

static bool empty ()
static TORCH_API void stashIntArrayRefElem (const std::string &arg_name, size_t size, size_t idx, const Variable &var)
static bool hasIntArrayRef (const std::string &arg_name)
static IntArrayRefTrace popIntArrayRef (const std::string &arg_name)
static TORCH_API void stashValue (const std::string &arg_name, size_t idx, const Variable &var, const c10::TypePtr &type=nullptr)
static bool hasValue (const std::string &arg_name)
static ValuepopValue (const std::string &arg_name)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 73 of file tracing_state.h.

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