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torch::jit::tracer::TracingState Struct Reference
Inheritance diagram for torch::jit::tracer::TracingState:

Data Structures

struct  TracingEnvironmentFrame
struct  WeakTensorEq
struct  WeakTensorHasher

Public Types

using WeakTensor = at::WeakTensor
using TracingEnvironmentStack = std::vector< TracingEnvironmentFrame >

Data Fields

TracingEnvironmentStack env_stack
std::shared_ptr< Graphgraph
bool warn = true
bool force_outplace = false
std::function< std::string(const Variable &var)> lookup_var_name_fn

Detailed Description

Definition at line 29 of file tracing_state.h.

Field Documentation

std::function<std::string(const Variable& var)> torch::jit::tracer::TracingState::lookup_var_name_fn
Initial value:
[](const Variable& var) { return ""; }

Definition at line 62 of file tracing_state.h.

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