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caffe2::ConvPoolOpBase< Context > Class Template Reference
Inheritance diagram for caffe2::ConvPoolOpBase< Context >:
caffe2::Operator< Context > caffe2::OperatorBase caffe2::Observable< OperatorBase > caffe2::ChannelShuffleGradientOp< Context > caffe2::ChannelShuffleOp< Context > caffe2::ConvGradientOp< T, Context > caffe2::ConvOp< T, Context > caffe2::DeformConvOpBase< T, Context > caffe2::LocallyConnectedGradientOp< T, Context > caffe2::LocallyConnectedOp< T, Context > caffe2::PadImageGradientOp< T, Context > caffe2::PadImageOp< T, Context > caffe2::PoolGradientOp< T, Context, PoolType > caffe2::PoolOp< T, Context, PoolType >

Public Member Functions

 ConvPoolOpBase (const OperatorDef &operator_def, Workspace *ws)
vector< int > GetDims (const Tensor< Context > &input)
int GetDimsSize (const Tensor< Context > &input)
template<typename AlternativeContext >
void SetOutputSize (const Tensor< AlternativeContext > &input, Tensor< AlternativeContext > *output, int output_channel)
void ComputePads (const vector< int > &dims)
void SetDeviceTensor (const std::vector< int > &data, Tensor< Context > *tensor)
template<typename T >
void SetBiasMultiplier (const int size, Tensor< Context > *bias_multiplier_)
bool RunOnDevice () override
virtual bool RunOnDeviceWithOrderNHWC ()
virtual bool RunOnDeviceWithOrderNCHW ()
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2::Operator< Context >
 Operator (const OperatorDef &operator_def, Workspace *ws)
const Tensor< Context > & Input (int idx)
Tensor< Context > * Output (int idx)
void WaitEvent (const Event &ev, int stream_id=-1) final
void WaitEvents (const std::vector< const Event * > &events, int stream_id=-1) final
bool Run (int stream_id=0) final
bool RunAsync (int stream_id=0) final
bool IsStreamFree (int stream_id) const override
bool HasAsyncPart () const override
bool SupportsAsyncScheduling () const override
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2::OperatorBase
 OperatorBase (const OperatorDef &operator_def, Workspace *ws)
bool HasArgument (const string &name) const
 Checks if the operator has an argument of the given name.
template<typename T >
GetSingleArgument (const string &name, const T &default_value) const
template<typename T >
bool HasSingleArgumentOfType (const string &name) const
template<typename T >
vector< T > GetRepeatedArgument (const string &name, const vector< T > &default_value={}) const
template<typename T >
const T & Input (int idx)
template<typename T >
T * Output (int idx)
const BlobInputBlob (int idx)
BlobOutputBlob (int idx)
template<typename T >
bool InputIsType (int idx)
template<typename T >
bool OutputIsType (int idx)
int InputSize ()
int OutputSize ()
const vector< const Blob * > & Inputs () const
const vector< Blob * > & Outputs ()
vector< TensorShape > InputTensorShapes ()
void Wait (const OperatorBase &other, int stream_id=-1)
virtual void Finish ()
virtual void AddRelatedBlobInfo (EnforceNotMet *err)
const OperatorDef & debug_def () const
void set_debug_def (const std::shared_ptr< const OperatorDef > &operator_def)
bool has_debug_def () const
void RecordLastFailedOpNetPosition ()
int net_position () const
void set_net_position (int idx)
const DeviceOption & device_option () const
const Eventevent () const
Eventevent ()
void ResetEvent ()
void DisableEvent ()
bool IsEventDisabled () const
const std::string & type ()
void annotate_engine (const std::string &engine)
const std::string & engine () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from caffe2::Observable< OperatorBase >
const ObserverAttachObserver (std::unique_ptr< Observer > observer)
std::unique_ptr< ObserverDetachObserver (const Observer *observer_ptr)
 Returns a unique_ptr to the removed observer. More...
virtual size_t NumObservers ()
void StartAllObservers ()
void StopAllObservers ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void InferOutputSize (vector< TIndex > input_dims, int, StorageOrder order, bool global_pooling, LegacyPadding legacy_pad, int, vector< int > &kernel, vector< int > &output_dims, const vector< int > &dilation, const vector< int > &stride, vector< int > &pads, bool &channel_first)
static struct OpSchema::Cost CostInferenceForConv (const OperatorDef &def, const vector< TensorShape > &inputs)
static vector< TensorShape > TensorInferenceForSchema (const OperatorDef &def, const vector< TensorShape > &in, int output_channel)
static vector< TensorShape > TensorInferenceForConv (const OperatorDef &def, const vector< TensorShape > &in)
static vector< TensorShape > TensorInferenceForPool (const OperatorDef &def, const vector< TensorShape > &in)

Data Fields


Protected Member Functions

int pad_t () const
int pad_l () const
int pad_b () const
int pad_r () const
int kernel_h () const
int kernel_w () const
int stride_h () const
int stride_w () const
int dilation_h () const
int dilation_w () const
- Protected Member Functions inherited from caffe2::Operator< Context >
void RecordEvent (const char *err_msg=nullptr) final
std::string getErrorMsg ()
- Protected Member Functions inherited from caffe2::OperatorBase

Static Protected Member Functions

static void ComputeSizeAndPad (const int in_size, const int stride, const int kernel, const int dilation, LegacyPadding legacy_pad, int *pad_head, int *pad_tail, int *out_size)

Protected Attributes

LegacyPadding legacy_pad_
bool global_pooling_
vector< int > kernel_
vector< int > dilation_
vector< int > stride_
vector< int > pads_
Tensor< Context > kernel_device_
Tensor< Context > dilation_device_
Tensor< Context > stride_device_
Tensor< Context > pads_device_
int group_
StorageOrder order_
bool shared_buffer_
- Protected Attributes inherited from caffe2::Operator< Context >
Context context_
- Protected Attributes inherited from caffe2::OperatorBase
std::unique_ptr< Eventevent_
- Protected Attributes inherited from caffe2::Observable< OperatorBase >
std::vector< std::unique_ptr< Observer > > observers_list_

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from caffe2::Observable< OperatorBase >
using Observer = ObserverBase< OperatorBase >
- Static Public Attributes inherited from caffe2::OperatorBase
static constexpr int kNoNetPositionSet = -1

Detailed Description

template<class Context>
class caffe2::ConvPoolOpBase< Context >

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